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The Uneasy Intersection Between Sex, Morality, Abortion, and Racial Typcasting

In an essay submitted for a college class, a young woman recently wrote about her sexual relationship and resulting pregnancy with her high school band director.  Though she changed some of the details and names in her paper, enough autobiography was left intact that statutory rape charges against the man have been filed.  Various news agencies, websites, and blogs have pursued different angles when presenting the details of this case.  The story found within the link posted above treats the accused like a common criminal, inviting us to view him in the worst possible light, while simultaneously encouraging our sympathy for the victim.  If this were a clear-cut case of non-consensual sexual assault, then this approach would be more appropriate and justified.  But as we learn more, and confront different perspectives of this multi-layered story, the truth itself begins to drift into grey area territory.  Separating facts from bias might as well be our eternal homework assignment.

Gallup: 80% disillusioned

According to a new Gallup poll, a whopping 80% of the American people are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. at this time. Only 19% answered the opposite, the lowest rating registered since January of 1992 (the start of the final year of George Bush Sr.’s term in office). The only time the poll has ever found a lower number was in 1979 (tail end of the Carter years, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, soaring gas prices), when a 14% rating occurred.

You might be thinking, “hey, why’s the number gotten so low now…. I’ve been dissatisfied with the direction of the country for awhile“. But see, all that means is you’ve been paying attention for the last five years… The extreme number of 19% has only been reached because Republicans have finally turned. Yeah, that’s right, even the GOP is uncomfortable now! Gallup sayeth:

Since January 2007, U.S. satisfaction has dropped by nearly half, from 35% to 19%. However, it has dropped much more among Republicans (from 60% to 33%) than among Democrats (from 16% to 7%).

The 33% of Republicans satisfied with the country today is the lowest Gallup has found for members of President Bush’s party since he took office in 2001.