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Open source Obama Speech — Bring in Hagee and Parsley

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I don’t think Obama’s Olbermann appearance is enough to stem the Wright tide.  The best argument is the much worse connection between McCain and the crazy right preachers. Because the traditional media never will do it, Obama may have to be the one to reveal the outrageous double standard of excoriating him for Wright, while not touching McCain for embracing Hagee and Parsley.  

I’ve put together a draft Obama speech that tries to weave together his message with an attack on the double standard.

In the comments or a diary, let’s try to put together an “open source” speech for Obama (or a surrogate who will have a platform).  Here’s my try:

The past few days my campaign has been engulfed in nearly constant, furious attacks of guilt by association.  The words of Pastor Wright, which I have repeatedly denounced, have been broadcast non-stop on radio, television and the internet.  Despite my rejection of these statements, so-called pundits have seen fit to tie me irrevocably to them, and impugn my patriotism and tolerance.

And yet, my campaign is based on patriotism, as exemplified by tolerance, unity and hope.  We have been trying to appeal to the best in people, not the worst.  For too long, our discourse and our elections have been dominated by the forces of fear, demagogy and, yes, hate.  We have been trying to change that, and to bring hope to this country after years of fear, war and economic insecurity.  But there are many who will do anything to fight against hope, to continue the fear-infused politics of the past eight years.

Unfortunately, John McCain, the probable Republican candidate, has openly welcomed the support of those who would divide our country by religion, race or ethnic group.  Rather than distancing himself as we did, he has sought out and embraced the Rev. James Hagee, whose shameful statements have not been nearly as widely disseminated as those of Pastor Wright.

Senator McCain has said he was “very honored” by the endorsement of someone who has said:

—  Catholicism is “‘The Great Whore,’ an ‘apostate church,’ the ‘anti-Christ,’ and a ‘false cult system.'”

— Hurricane Katrina was inflicted upon New Orleans by God because of the city’s supposed “immorality.”

— Those who live by the Koran have a scriptural mandate to kill Christians and Jews.

—  Just before us is a nuclear countdown with Iran, followed by the final battle, the battle of Armageddon.

—  Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves by rebelling against God

Senator McCain has said his “spiritual advisor” is Rod Parsley, someone who has said:

— “Americans must be ‘Christocrats’ — citizens of both their country and the Kingdom of God”; “And that is not a democracy; that is a theocracy”; “That means God is in control, and you are not.”

I have specifically repudiated the noxious statements of Reverend Wright.  John McCain has sought and welcomed the support of those who espouse these noxious and unpatriotic ideas, with only the vague and mildest of “disagreements”.

I call on John McCain to specifically address each one of the statements by these preachers.

Let us make this a campaign about hope, about the future, and about policies that will protect and sustain our children.