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Who is Your Fav Stand-Up Comedian?

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Over the years, I’ve heard many a comedian admit that performing stand-up comedy in a night/comedy club is one of the more frighteningly-difficult things to do.  Not only do comedians get instant feedback (good or bad) from a demanding audience but appealing to and holding the attention of a room full of (often) drunk people makes their job all the more challenging.

What exactly is stand-up comedy?

Rob Tornoe, Caglecartoons.com

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Stand-up comedy is a style of comedy where the performer speaks directly to the audience, with the absence of the theatrical fourth wall… It is usually performed by a single comedian, and usually with the aid of a microphone.  The comedian usually recites a fast paced succession of humorous stories, short jokes (called bits), and one-liners, typically called a monologue, routine or act.

Follow me for a few laughs.

Masked Man was a Fag

There are those nights where sleep just will not happen. As to the title? It was a Lenny Bruce skit, that someone animated, about what if the Lone Ranger was gay and has nothing to do with my post. The sky is full of stars, it’s a crisp 18 degrees with a steady wind blowing the trees.  The vet came to look at the horses, she said they looked good and their weight was right on track.  White salt lick, mineral lick, oats+grains and lots of hay along with plenty of fresh water seems to cover all the bases.  She has lots of horses too, she breeds Quarterhorses in the next town East.  

Today I fixed the electric fence by untangling it from some trees, fixing some broken connectors and driving in some new stakes. There was some old brittle lattice on the covered patio that had to come down.  An apple tree had a real bad case of “black knot” and had to be chopped down before the disease spread to the other trees, luckily I have two new apple trees on order.