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Blowback: Hacktivists versus Dictators

  The Egyptian government shut down most of the internet on Thursday, on the eve of what should be a massive protest march.

 A group of internet activists collective, Anonymous, warned the Egyptian government against this very action just hours before.

 “Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country,” it said in a Facebook posting.

  “When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your government websites, we will also make sure that the international media see the horrid reality you impose on your people!” it said.

“Operation Egypt” has already been in effect ever since Egypt cut access to Twitter on Tuesday. Today it kicked into full operation.

 An image posted on Facebook urged interested individuals to join IRC chat rooms, where, Netcraft said, new recruits were being asked to download and install the Low-Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), software that makes DDoS attacks easy to stage.

 What we are seeing in Egypt, where the social media is on the front lines, is a repeat of events that happened in Tunisia just a few weeks ago, events that continue even today.

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The allies of Wikileaks

  In an ironic twist, the latest batch of leaked embassy documents concerns the owners of the domain name wikileaks.ch.

 No, they didn’t leak information about themselves. Wikileaks.ch is owned by an entirely separate entity. An entity with its own agenda, it’s own history. An international political movement that is officially registered in 20 countries and is active in 20 others, including the United States. It might be the biggest international grassroots political movement that you’ve never heard of.

 It’s called Pirates Parties International, and it deserves a closer look.

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Pirate Party: Mirth and Madness

Today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”…which would explain why everyone’s staring at my booty….. 😉  Consider your timbers shivered, and enjoy pillaging the following, collected from the vast reaches of the seven seas internet…..

Pirate Terror Warning System from this link

Most people don’t know this, but when all this terrorism nonsense became all the rage, Cap’n Slappy assigned his good friend, “Ol Chumbucket” to the task of developing the Department of Pirateland Security. He examined all of the intelligence reports and came up with this color coded scheme to keep all pirates everywhere anxious and awaiting certain doom. The code is as follows:

  * Code Off-White (parchment): There are terrorists everywhere. You can’t see ’em but they are everywhere and they are planning to terrorize you with their terror. But before they can terrorize you, we are going to build up your terror by telling you to buy Duct Tape and Bottled Water. Do you feel the terror? Because you SHOULD!
  * Code Dingy Yellow: Yep. That be a terrorist alright. Time to start running around screaming and wetting yerself! Now that you are moist and stinky, yer best defense is to play dead. Ah! YOU BREATHED! That Means we move to…
  * Code Orangish Yellowish Brown: Alright. The terrorist has seen you move and is attacking you personally. Didn’t I tell you NOT to breathe? How many rolls of Duct Tape did you buy? That’s not NEARLY enough! Oh, yer in for it now, me buck-o!
  * Code Brown with Corn Clusters: Ye went and soiled yerself, didn’t ye? Well, who’s going to care? Yer already mortally wounded what with yer guts hanging out and being down to yer last drops of blood. If ye had taken it more seriously when we were at code Off-White…well…so, it all would have happened anyway, but ye would have had more Duct Tape! Then, perhaps we could have duct-taped yer guts in! But, NO! Ye had to make the jokes, didn’t ye?
  * Code Black: Yer already dead! What were you thinking? Yer as dead as John Paul Jones! What’s the point of having a color coded system if yer going to be all DEAD? Can we use yer left-over Duct Tape?