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Knowledge is Perception, Perception is Reality (Next part of Chap 2)

There was a knock on the door, I jumped and realized that I had been completely spacing out waiting for time to pass. I looked through the peephole and saw Mairyn. This should be entertaining. Mairyn works with me at the accounting firm, I had gotten her the job; Mairyn is a changeling, part human and part fairy.  

  “Caitlin, are you ok?” She called through the door.

  ” Yeah, hold on a minute. ” I unlocked the door and let her in. She had brought me dinner from Perfect Pasty, it’s my favorite place to eat. They fill a very crunchy roll type pastry with all kinds of things like gyro meat, eggplant and all other kinds of crazy concoctions. Sounds weird but it is an orgasm on a plate as far as I was concerned.


   “Brought you Greek. I knew you weren’t sick you know.”  She handed me my pasty and grabbed some plates as I sat back down on the couch. My brain still wasn’t functioning.    

   “Wow, you look like you’re recovering from an all night bender.”

I stared at her and waited for some form of thought to register.  She handed me a fork. Her small fingers barely managed to wrap around her pasty to unwrap it. She is about 4’6 but is perfectly proportioned not dwarfed at all. She has short spiky brown hair, slightly pointed ears and her eyes are the brightest green I have ever seen. If you have ever heard the stories of human children who were stolen and replaced by elven children that is where the term changeling originates. Personally I have never understood why elves would want their children raised by humans.  Mairyn however is as elvish as any human could get, her house is teeming with greenery that she seems never to actively care for. It’s as if her energy alone feeds them and makes them grow. When she speaks her voice seems normal but as soon as she starts to sing her true nature shows. Her voice seems to be a cross between wind chimes and celestial choirs; everybody within earshot stops and listens when she sings. She had tried to make a career out of singing but somehow the electronic mikes and mixers destroy the harmonics of her voice and the sound is all flat and devoid of magic. She chose to learn Irish Gaelic and put together a traditional Irish group who sings only in Gaelic. Whichever pub or club they play is always standing room only. There is usually a line out the door to hear her as well. She can’t use mikes but the attentive silence of the crowd allows everyone to hear her. When she stops, you could hear a leaf drop. My two nefarious felines were already trying to swipe a bit of pasty off her plate. I never let them do it but Mairyn is a pushover for any species other than human.

“Bender, yeah. I got all the pain and agony and none of the enjoyment.” I told her. She raised an eyebrow at me. She is also a tad telepathic but she is too polite to go digging unless invited. I heard her gasp. I knew she had caught something of my thoughts, although she doesn’t dig, there was no way my thoughts of last night would be sufficiently controlled to where she could not hear them.


Knowledge Is Perception, Perception is Reality (Next part of Chap 2)

 Sandalwood and sage was the first thing to hit my consciousness, I opened my eyes and felt a lick at my hand. The tongue was too large to be a cat’s so I deduced I was still with Hecate, or had returned to the wrong body, always an inconvenience. Sitting up caused a large amount of spinning.  

“Don’t rush it. I told the cats not to worry and to blow the candles out as it would be awhile.”  My cats could be pyrokinetic when the mood suited them; fortunately for me they never use it to express displeasure. They would also keep the wards up so no entity would get into my room and cause havoc. I would have to really thank the dragons if they had chosen to hang around.

“Thank you Mother. What happened?”

” I showed you the truth. I wasn’t sure if you would survive the psychic backlash but I had to risk it as explaining the process would never have worked.”

“Wait, what? Gods come from Stonehenge!!!! Don’t let the New Agers know, they’ll tear through the rest of it trying to find which part of which stone goes to which deity and argue over who’s got the more authentic rock.”  That caused several giggles and tongues lolling in doggy laughter. “I think the alcohol I had earlier absorbed the backlash, but somehow I still have a world class hang over.”

“Naomh’an, you of all people should know alcohol and magic do not mix! In this case however it may have saved you, who knows what would have happened if you had seen that while in complete control of your mind, your normal barriers may have fought it so much that it could have damaged you.”

“Why did you take that risk Mother? Either I am way more important than I thought or I mean a lot less to you then you have led me to believe.”

“Naomh’an, dear one, you mean more to me then you should know at this point. If I had told you about that would you have believed it? Would it have made as much of an impression? Most important, would you have learned the truths that you know now? ”

“All I know now is that nothing I knew before was right.”

“Notice the first thing you said, “Gods come from Stonehenge”. How did you know it was a god?”

“Nothing else made sense I guess, you’re a Goddess and we were talking about deities when we went there.” I was shaking from psychic shock and she was quizzing me. Think, Caitlin, think, what had just happened.  The faces and shapes in the fog, what did they represent. The stones were obviously a focusing point but of what. “Those people in the fog, the

babble about the veil between worlds is more then babble isn’t it? Those were other worlds, dimensions and planes.” Hecate nodded and handed me some tea.  ” So people do create gods? How? This is much worse then the chicken and egg high school philosophy stumper isn’t it.”

“Yes it is. We think we know how it started but even we do not know because every deity was created and can be a creator. Every plane, every dimension, every realm has energy. Energy cannot be stagnant, it must move, must grow, must become something. Perhaps the first sentient being just manifested, we do not know. What we do know is that the nature of energy is to create; the created life form loses some of its connection to the original current of nature. Over time, as life forms become more complex they feel less of the original link to their  “mother” for lack of a better term. They then start trying to recapture that connection through creating religions and myths, as those myths gain more believers, they become thought forms. The more energy that is poured into a thought form the more power it gets until finally the thought form manifests from the quicksilver as you saw. The believers decide the form. Once it manifests it goes to it’s plane and provides the connection to the source.  All thought forms start off weak, with little ability to affect much other then to serve as a conduit for its followers to touch the source. The longer the thought form exists and is fed energy the stronger it becomes. Many of us have faded back into the source or have taken on other forms as believers die out or change the forms in which they believe. We take on the nature of our creators, some of us were created to kill, to heal or to conquer. The ones of us that were originally created by conquering races have used the ability to shift forms to gain more followers; as a result they have become powerful enough to create new worlds. When they do this, they supplant the natural forces of creation and usually the worlds they created self-destruct over time because they were never stable. This has happened many times. ” She stopped to let me absorb.

“So what does this have to do with vampires?” I was too mentally exhausted to absorb, I just wanted a simple answer.

“Sometimes, thought forms are so strong that they can take beings from one realm or world and transplant them onto a world they created. It is easier for a thought form to remain strong if it has a base of strong believers with it. The presence that I felt was not of your world, was not summoned by a witch nor is it from any realm I know.” Then she shimmered and I was back in my body, all my limbs had fallen asleep.


Knowledge is Perception, Perception is Reality

Well folks,

 Here is the first part of Chapter 2. Let me know what you think..

Knowledge is Perception, Perception is Reality…a novel posted in chapters

Hello all,

 I am posting this story here for some feedback and to provide a nice diversion from depressing reality. I hit some writer’s block and am thinking feedback from people may help get the plot developed further. The stuff I have written already is pretty good I think but feel free to constructively criticize as the story develops. I will be posting parts every few days. Oh, this is a vampire, witch, philosophical rant, pagan filled fantasy novel hehe.

So here we go…

“Knowledge is Perception, Perception is Reality”

Layers, patterns, perceptions; they are different for every being on this planet. To the fly, his reality consists of finding bits of food in a huge world; the spider’s reality is pretty confined to his web, feeling for minute twitches that could signal the end of the fly’s reality. As one moves up the food chain the perceptions of the world and one’s place in it changes as well. Cats roam for miles at night hunting, unless it’s the spoiled housecat who is content to be waited on tooth and claw. Then you get to humans. I think we are the only animals that can purposely narrow or enlarge our realities based on what we wish to know. There are some who know everything that is going on in every corner of the world thanks to the Internet. There are others who couldn’t tell you what the person next-door looks like.  Then there are the few who see what no one else sees, the fey in the corner, the vampire hiding in the shadows, the soulless wretch who is drinking himself into oblivion to try to fill the hole where his soul should have been.

Chapter One:

I guess the standard form for introductions is what we are always forced to endure at a job orientation gathering or the first time we go to a club. What’s your name? Where are you from? What brings you to such and such place etc.?  I would have a hard time answering those questions anymore, no one would believe me. However, this story is confusing enough without at least clarifying who I am and why I am telling you all this. I guess I

should tackle the easy one first.  I am writing all this down because I am one of the few beings on this earth that knows the Truth. Yes. The Truth; about God, life, why we are here all those questions that always provide you and your friends hours of sober, inebriated or stoned conversation. As for who and what I am, that’s a bit more complicated.

I am a witch. Allow me to define that term, as there are many people who claim to be a witch or whatever and really are not. I can tap into other energies, without the need for herbs, ceremonies or deities to give me a boost. It is a natural thing for me to do. I have otherworld guardians but I do not rely on them to help me focus and use the energy I can tap into. Those who call upon whatever deity suits their imagination are simply people who are trying to connect to other realms, or bolster their own ego, but they are not witches. They are merely mortals who instead of using 10 % of their brain are using 12 %. I hold them in low regards simply because they hold themselves in too high esteem.  I grant that they some of them can accomplish some things but if they actually tapped the energy the way I do, their brains would collapse. It has to do with what I am but I am getting ahead of myself.  

The way I see a vampire or other non human is like double vision, in essence I see their real form and the form they go around in the same space. It’s like trying to watch 3d movies without the glasses, instead of the images melding correctly they are fuzzy and you see the different colors individually. To me a vampire has golden eyes superimposed on top of the normal colored eyes and I can see the fangs showing on top of the lips even when they are retracted, a werewolf appears as if a person and a wolf are trying to occupy the same space. As a child this trait made for some interesting times until I learned not to point and tell someone they were stepping on the doggy’s tail.  I have adapted to it and learned to pay more attention to one image or the other over time. The ability to see things others can’t is one of the things I have learned to hide over the years.  My father told me that I did not want to draw attention to myself as my family has enemies. He never specified who or what they were. When I chose to ignore his advice I found that humans haven’t traveled so far on the path of understanding and acceptance as we like to think. I still have scars from some of those adventures. Having to lead this double life has made me fairly comfortable with vampires, werewolves and changelings as I understand why the act the way they do and how to deal with them.  Most of my close friends are werewolves, changelings or other sorts as we understand each other much more then a regular human would. Not to say there are not bad vampires and selfish werewolves but on a whole they are more understanding of differences in people. I just hope telling this story changes a few perceptions on how people should view the Truths of life, each other and religions. I discovered that after I knew what the Truth was, all those arguments and opinions on who was right or wrong didn’t matter anymore.