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FREE SERVICES and MORE for CA Fire Victims

I live in CA, and am luckily up north.  I am fortunate that my friends and family in So Cal are safe.  I have been receiving a lot of info regarding services, benefits, and more, and wanted to share them with you all.  Hopefully, you can share this info in kind, with those you know who are in need, or maybe can take time to donate or volunteer with these efforts.  Continue beyond the fold, please…

Also in Orange
First in Awesome

Mission Statement/FAQ…The Latest Iteration

Man, this is hard!

I think I am putting way too much importance on it after all the legal wrangling and Troll Wars at Daily Kos. ugh

I also feel very self conscious about being , the Man…even though I am very convinced that there does need to a The Man…..so Help Me, my friends

PLEASE give me feedback! (let me know if I am being too egocentric, etc)

PLEASE let me know what I am leaving out! (It feels VERY incomplete.)

Please point out my errors in Spelling and Grammah (I suck at that shit!)

I need help.

I am spending far too much time at the train wreck that is this site.

It’s like rubbernecking an accident.

It brings the ill-mannered adolescent in me to the surface.

Go below the surface.

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