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From the Top Down…..Let Slip the Dogs of War


Humans are funny animals. A very odd collection of consciousnesses, that together form a very odd Collective Consciousness. It may just be that there are cycles to these things, and that they will play out no matter what ….

Or it may be that we…on a level that we don’t fully perceive and certainly don’t understand, are all linked together. It may be that, at a deep primal, level we still contain much of our genetic past, that we are, despite our pretensions, still largely animal in nature. That we humans are pack animals, like our not so distant ancestors and so, at least to some extent, we are a Pack Consciousness. That we take our cues and make our decisions based at least in part on what the rest of the human pack are doing. That there is a pack morality as part of the Pack Consciousness.

More to the point, that we get away with whatever the rest of the pack will tolerate, what the Collective Consciousness will allow.