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I too, am a Brainwashed Hypocrite

Last night Mr. 9 year old requested “Underworld: Evolution” as the family movie.  What can I say, boys his age, Werewolves and Vampires? I glanced at the R rating, as he popped in with “Mom, its like a Van Helsing movie, I know all about the Dracula legends.”

What 9 year old boy wouldn’t totally dig this monster?

We rolled eyes and agreed to it, knowing full well the B status flick for which we were in store… a Flying Laura Croft with fangs.

I’m not a big fan of him seeing people kill people, in both video games or movies, but hell, mythical creatures? Orcs, aliens, etc?

Not really a big deal.  He sees it unflinchingly, yet gets teary eyed that in every Western “Why do they always have to kill the horses?”