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Lost objects, second chances, claim tickets

I’m not so careful with second chances. I’ve had a few and I’ve made a mess of most of ’em. And I’ve lost things over the years; lost ideas from memory, faces and names of people I should recall, relationships with friends I should have maintained. I’ve let go of objects I’ve created and loved, or things I took a special hand in designing. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes through negligence, sometimes through a perverse need to purge while initially denying the emotional investment in the loss.

Two hawks flying

Above the highway

They play so much like  us.

One always runs away…

I’ve had this song sleeping in my head over thirty years, and I’ve lost the title and the artist’s name.  

“…and say why not.”

“Blank document”. I recall older Word versions and I seem to think it used to be “New Document”. New is so much more positive than Blank.

I had an English teacher in high school, Teresa Brandon, who’d say “Go for the guts.” She was a rebel teacher who brought Dunkin Donuts to our early morning English Lit/Shakespeare class each Wednesday, in defiance of the “No food in class” rules. Beyond her exemplary teaching, she also had an extraordinary talent – she could neatly shove a billiard ball in her mouth without locking her jaw. These are skills that impress a high school junior.

You are forewarned: if you are not up for reading ramblings of a reminiscent, tangential and seemingly unrelated nature, please move to the next diary…;)

In honor of Ms. Brandon (though against her desire of clean, concise length), I’ll unashamedly go for the gut and dammit, I won’t apologize. And this is not purely a candidate diary.

That said…

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Is this the Bobby moment for this generation?

My kids (adults) keep asking me if the Obama campaign, the universal appeal, the energy is like it was with Bobby. It couldn’t be MY Bobby moment, I had already had mine, but was it theirs. Honestly, we would have a much better world if we all lived Bobby moments (the good parts) every election, everyday. If we ever get back in the right track we can have a lifetime of Bobby moments.

That being said, it was a different time, a different place, different circumstances for all there are some similarities. I was not yet 24 years old, expecting my second child and hopeful for the future because my husband had finally found a good job. That hope grew to be hope for the country and for my children’s future with the entrance of Bobby Kennedy to the presidential race. Follow me below the fold for a snapshot of history and my take on if is possible for lightening to strike twice in one person’s lifetime.

Pony Party: RFK Edition

Not his best speech, or the best video montage, but it struck me today as I watched.  It’s the same choice now, I think.  Basically.

I saw the happy lemurs in the earlier pony party thread and the discussion of whimsy, and almost took this down!  But it’s one of those moments in our time where the hinges creaked, the door moved open or shut, the world changed.