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the blind leading the blind

As we do on most days, Bobby the dog and I walk through Cronesteyn Park. Today it was rather late, around 5ish. But it doesn’t get dark now til after 6pm.

I thought we’d only do half the park and turn around, but it’s hard to stop once you’re there. So we crossed the Rijn-Schiekanaal via the Lammebrug and ended up exiting on the west-north-west side of the park. We walked over the train tracks and onto the the Kanaalbrug.

There was a blind lady on the bridge, using her long pole and other senses to make her way. She was going slowly and seemed a bit tense, a little tentative. So I walked up beside her, saying HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?

Then I realized: she’s not deaf, you idiot! I resumed in at a normal volume: How is everything? Okay? Hey, would you like a hand?

She didn’t hesitate and slipped her arm through mine. She seemed to relax and told me it was okay.

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There is an icy wind coming, but it is not here yet.  Instead, the air is still, 19 degrees.  Everything is grayish-white, surrounded what the weather.gov site calls a “freezing fog*.”  It suits my mood, so I slip outside for a morning’s walk.

I live in an uncertain neighborhood.