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Did the Republicans throw the 2008 Presidential Election?

What’s that, you say?

When playing the game of checkers, surrendering one piece to set up a subsequent double or triple jump may be well worth the sacrifice, remembering that losing a battle sometimes sets the stage for winning the war.

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The Republicans had to be cognizant that the party that “won” the Oval Office in 2009-2013 would be holding onto the equivalent of a sack filled with animal droppings and an activated hand grenade.  They may well have calculated that no matter which party occupied the White House during the current term, there was a significant likelihood that the opposing party would prevail in 2012, and perhaps more importantly, the party controlling the Executive Branch in 2012 could be well-positioned to retain that power for quite some time to follow.  

Limbaugh admits he’s a Liberal

Last night on Hardball I watched a clip of Rush “anal cyst” Limbaugh contorting facts until they were unrecognizable, which is usually not surprising, but for the blatant hypocrisy of the direction he was going.

He was trying very hard to convince his audience of drooling idiots that the elderly Annapolis resident that spent his life on the extreme political fringes even further to the right of the Ku Klux Klan was actually, you guessed it, a lefty liberal pinko Berkenstock wearing Prius driving hippy.

He made this convoluted and dubious argument in part by stating that James von Brunn, the 88 year old white supremacist and vile racist that went to the Holocaust Museum exercising his Second Amendment Right by killing an innocent employee was a liberal because he opposed the nomination of John McCain.

That’s right, the same Rush Limbaugh that opposed the nomination of John McCain.