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Seeking Forgiveness for His Racism {UpDated with 2nd Video}

“The evil of bigotry gives way to the power of redemption!”

Man Asks Entire Town for Forgiveness for Racism

2.06.09: 48 Years Ago, He Attacked Future Rep. John Lewis; Now the Two Hug

Elwin Wilson and John Lewis

Nearly half a century ago, in a very different America, Elwin Wilson and John Lewis met under a veil of violence and race-inspired hate. The men had not seen each other again until Tuesday when, with “Good Morning America’s” help, Wilson approached Lewis again — this time offering an apology and a chance to relieve a burden he’d carried for more than four decades.


Redemption is an important word to add to your current vocabulary and an even more important concept to allow in your consciousness. Follow me below the fold for a story of a man, an ordinary human being in so many ways, possessing so many of the same flaws as the rest of our species.  

Meditation on the Dalai Lama, King and Compassion

Lost in the daily headlines surrounding the events in China, Tibet and the Olympic Games is the Dalai Lama’s message of compassion. He has been in Seattle these past few days to speak about this message at the Seeds of Compassion conference.

This local broadcast gives a flavor of the goals of the conference:

Internalized homophobia without the fancy words

I’ve never forgiven myself for being gay.

That’s not too surprising.  I’ve never been able to forgive myself for much of anything.