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A Look At The Third Party Choices

We are now three weeks to E-Day. A good many Americans wish it could be over. It as been an ugly, contentious campaign. The two top candidates are widely disliked, although only one of them is competent enough to be president. There are two other choices but are they any better? John Oliver, host of …

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Looking for a New Party: The Libertarian Party.

I’m a Kucinich supporter, and I am fed up with the corporatized Democratic Party (c’mon now…who isn’t really?). As such, I’m looking at other parties other than the big two (Repugs? The party of Reagan, Bush, Bush, Cheney, etc.? No way.). In the first of three postings of this series, I’ve asked if Leftists and Progressives need a new party. I then looked at the Green Party and found them not too far from where I stand. The third posting was a look at the Contstitution Party, which has some interesting ideas but had at least one deal breaker.