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Fuck politics. I’m adopting a dog@!!!!!!!!!!

… meet Bobby

Why I Believe In Dog


Tulum, Mexico — This is a friend of mine.  Young Mexican beach dog.  Apparently, she has an owner who appreciates her and feeds her.  Not as much as gringo dogs, but enough.  She’s been hanging around for about a week, just visiting.  

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer and laureate, says in his novel The Years With Laura Diaz, that Mexican dogs look like this because of the Mexican Revolution.  Landowners with pure bred dogs, dogs with pedigrees, had to let their dogs go, had to unchain them, when they fled the revolution, or got thrown off their haciendas, or lost all of their possessions.  The dogs had their own caste system, obviously, but it wasn’t the same one as people in Mexico had at that time.  Dogs accept and live with their own system and its hierarchy.  After the Revolution, the dogs created this new, revolutionary species.  Mexican beach dog.  My friend above is a wonderful example.

This is just one of the many reasons why I believe in dog.  History might be written by the winners.  Yes.  But in the end, dog survives.

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