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What is Your Fav TV Sitcom of All-Time?

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Give me 30 minutes of Seinfeld, Mad About You, M.A.S.H., Fawlty Towers, All in the Family, Happy Days and watch out Healthcare Reform Summits, Reconciliation bills, filibuster, cloture, and politics in general.  I’ll abandon you in a second.

George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer in Seinfeld

What makes for a good television sitcom?  What elements combine to make a sitcom successful as well as popular?  The criteria are many, the judgments all too subjective.  

A few guidelines

  • Characters.
  • Acting.
  • Writing.
  • Plot.
  • Directing.
  • Timing.
  • Edginess Factor.
  • Cultural and social significance.
  • At 50th Birthday Party, Geov Parrish Announces New Lobbying Career

    SEATTLE (FNS)–Longtime activist Geov Parrish unexpectedly revealed to the crowd gathered to celebrate his 50th birthday Friday evening his impending plans to end his decades-long career as a public issues advocate in exchange for new opportunities in the field of corporate communications management and image development.

    The announcement appeared to be even more shocking to the glitterati gathered for Parrish’s 50th birthday extravaganza at Seattle’s tony Rainier Club than the fact that the event was sponsored by longtime Parrish nemesis Frank Blethen, publisher of the “Seattle Times” and a frequent target of Parrish’s acerbic criticism regarding the state of corporatocracy and its negative impact upon the state of the Nation.

    A new commercial venture and three new business relationships were unveiled: a corporate communications consultancy, tentatively to be named “I Am The State!”, is to be opened in the next few weeks, after suitable office space is located, with the United States Chamber of Commerce and The Seattle Times Company as the first two business associates; additionally, Parrish will be joining the Board of Directors of the Strangelove Foundation, an organization devoted to maintaining the purity and essence of our precious bodily fluids.  

    On Life In The Modern World, Or, What If Jesus Was An HMO?

    Those among us who are familiar with the Bible will recall that Jesus Christ himself was an active member of the health care community as he travelled about the Holy Land.

    It is reported that he practiced within multiple medical specialties, and his works as both an ophthalmologist and a neurologist are recounted within the verses of the Gospels.

    But what if Jesus had been practicing medicine in the therapeutic environment we’re familiar with today?

    In today’s conversation we’ll be tagging along with Jesus as he takes a few calls at his HMO’s Customer Care Center-and by the time we get done you should be able to bring a whole new take to those discussions you’ve been having about why reform matters.  

    Lily Tomlin Pony Party

    Cedric the Entertainer Pony Party

    Cedric the Entertainer thought he’d try being Cedric the Actor. On Monday he made his professional stage debut, on Broadway, at the Belasco Theater in a new production of “American Buffalo,” David’s Mamet’s 1975 play about male friendship and revenge. Sadly for the actor, the play is scheduled to close on Sunday unless there is an upsurge in ticket sales over the weekend, but for a brief period, his familiar marquee appellation has been listed on the program as playing the slippery Chicago junk-shop proprietor and con man Donny Dubrow.


    So I thought for this pony party it might be fun to skip through some of Cedric’s YouTubes:

    The Pony Party is an open thread.  Please do not REC the party (unless you’re a huge fan of Cedric).

    Pony Party: Stand Up Folks

    Liberal Viewer offers this SNL clip (there’s a link to the full sketch at the end of the YouTube):

    The Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not Rec the party!

    George “Global Warming Denier” Carlin !?!

    This video is the rage among the Global Warming denial sect, as they pass it around and post it with great glee following Carlin’s death. Their RIP is a celebration that George was one of theirs.

    You got people around you.

    The country’s full of them right now, people walking around all day long, every minute of the day, worried about everything …

    the greatest arrogance of them all, Save the Planet.  …

    I’m getting tired of this shit.

    Celebrate George “Global Warming Denier” Carlin!

    Hold on a second now …  

    Saturday Night Comedians

    So the economy’s in the toilet.  So everyone’s on edge about the primary season.  We need humor more than ever!

    In the spirit of we all need a good laugh, here are some clips for your amusement.  

    Musings on comedy

    Comedy and humor are the hardest things to write.  Sure, Hamlet gets all the praise, because it is oh-so-serious.  Preston Sturges makes this point in Sullivan’s Travels, his film about a Depression-era Hollywood writer of screwball comedies who wants to do something serious.  The movie is a dramedy, in fact, but this scene shows Sullivan’s epiphany


    as he realizes the curative power of laughter: the way it frees people, if only for a time, from their troubles.

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