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The Medium is the Message


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It happened once, twice; I trust the third time could not charm me more.  I have witnessed the power of a gesture, one made without words.  I have seen the light that glows when people connect in quiet ways.  Now experienced on more than one occasion, I have come to appreciate the peaceful power of consistent communication.  I had not fully acknowledged what could be accomplished until I arrived on the scene, alone.  Then I saw it.  I felt it.  I could hardly believe that a single steadfast individual, could convey a message without words, and still receive such a resounding response.  Yet, while there, it occurred.  I was struck by what had not been apparent for near a decade. The stance of a quiet soul, stated calmly, clearly, and with care, can move more persons than I ever imagined.  

Reflections on my experience getting a Ph.D. in Communication

For four years I attended graduate school at the “Department of Communication” of The Ohio State University.  This is something of a reflection upon what it means to have an advanced degree (in my case, a Ph.D.) in “Communication,” and especially upon what it means not to have any sort of employment gained from it.

Update – My Experience with “Helping the Veterans”

Technorati Profile

A while ago a user came on and started discussing how the netroots needed to help the Veterans more.  I agreed and offered my assistance.  I researched hosts, explained domains, hosts, Content Management Systems etc.  I set up the Content Management System, designed the logo, Linked to blogs and alternative news sources, fed newsfeeds through javascripts in order to display them as headlines on the side bar, researched PTSD, Health, International resources for inclusion in the site, arranged for a cartoonist and a Gear Shop to be installed, created a back room for administrators along with advice on how to post images and youtube videos, explained copyright violations and how to avoid them and I did all this for free.

Now the owner, a Veteran, has decided that I am not worthy of his particular project.  I did all of the above in a week’s time.  I have been on computers since the age of 11.  I understand HTML, javascript and Content Management systems, I understand search engines and ranking techniques and have just recently understood how to utilize newsfeeds in new ways as yet undiscovered by the majority of bloggers and websites.

So God dammit I tried.  To any Veteran that feels these skills would be helpful to their own projects please contact me at thefuture at inbox.com.  I would very much like to help someone that would like to be helped.

Tips for better communication below the fold: