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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Regional Quarterfinals- Day 1, Evening

Four more games. Evening Games   Time Network Seed School Record Seed School Record Region 7:10 TBS 10 Rutgers 15 – 11 2 Houston* 24 – 3 Midwest 7:45 TruTV 15 Oral Roberts* 16 – 10 7 Florida 14 – 9 South 8:45 TNT 13 N. Texas 17 – 9 5 Villanova* 16 – 6 …

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NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Round of 64 Day 1- Evening

In 2019, ek hornbeck wrote: “If you’re reading this it’s because I’m still napping. It is the debut of the Lady Huskies in this year’s Tournament and I’d look up the fight song but I’m also lazy.” He found it later after a nap. Yup, this is mind bending. Fortunately, ek left me the map, …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Regional Quarterfinals- Day 1, Afternoon

Last year ek hornbeck created a “New and Improved with Special (and a subtly different pain in the ass) Table for Results. So this is the one I’ll be using today and for future games. The winners will be bolded and the upset winners will be on the right, the lower seeds are always on …

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NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Round of 64 Day 1- Afternoon

In 2019 ek hornbeck wrote this:   I assure you I have something incredibly trenchant and profound to say about the state of Women’s Basketball, but I’m already at least 40 hours into this project out of the last 72 or so and I’m afraid my brain is totally fried. Fortunately most of the heavy …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Round of 64 Day 2 – Evening

The UConn men are up tonight along with my very favorite team, Gonzaga. Yes, I know I’m an East coast gal who graduated from some highly rated East coast universities, NYU being one of them, and Gonzaga is a Jesuit run institution named after Jesuit saint Aloysius Gonzaga and I’m not Catholic, not even close. …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Round of 64 Day 2 – Afternoon

By the end of the day half the teams that started on Thursday will be headed home, half will be moving on to the next round. There were a few upsets as teams seeded higher beat the expected winner: ek hornbeck would have been happy, #11 Syracuse literally wiped the court with #6 San Diego …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Round of 64 Day 1 – Evening

Tonight’s games include one of ek hornbeck‘s favorite teams, Syracuse, since he went to college there. It’s kind of one of mine, too, because I was born there. My family left when I was an infant and I’ve only been back when I drove through on my way to Canada.   Time Network Seed School …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Round of 64 Day 1 – Afternoon

Last night the Play-ins for the East and West Divisions that will start tomorrow finished with a couple of tight games and one that went to OT. West #16 Norfolk State (16 – 7) 54 – Appalachian State (17 – 12) 53 #11 Witchita State (16 – 5} 52 – #11 Drake ((25 – 4) …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2021: Play Ins Day 1

It’s been two years since the NCAA held its Basketball Tournament and ek hornbeck is no longer with us to work his html magic for posts to keep up with all the games, men’s and women’s. It is now left to me and I hate html, plus I still have a full time job. The …

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Super Bowl LV

Just as last Monday’s almost a blizzard two and a half feet of snow started to get that greyish “been here too long” look, Stars Hollow has gotten a fresh coat of the cold white stuff. Not as much as last week but enough for the town to get out the plow guy. He does …

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Puppy Bowl XVII

Woof! Once again it’s snowing in Stars Hollow, not as much as last week but enough that we need to put on the snow boots and get out the shovels and ice melt. So, while the snow is falling, we can all sit around the TV with hot chocolate and watch the yearly spectacle of …

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2014 World Series Game 6: Giants at Royals

So you think the Royals have home field advantage?  Think again.  Trailing as they do 3 – 2 they have to sweep both home games or they are done for the season whereas the Giants are only have to win once.

Nothing has changed at all and I still think Bochy is an idiot for not pitching Bumgarner 3 times (yet).

Now shallow commentators grasping at straws and trying to spark up some of that 1985 magic (though why you would want to is beyond me) will point out that 8 of the last 10 times a team has trailed 3 – 2 with 2 at home to play they’ve gone on to win.  And I say- past history is no indicator of future performance.

If you want to root Blue put your hope in the fact that Ventura is just about the hardest throwing pitcher in Baseball and Peavy is entirely ordinary.  If Bochy leaves him in to get in trouble he’s just an even bigger idiot than I already think.

Sunday was another enjoyable blowout if you favor orange.

Bottom 2nd, Leadoff Single, Single, Sacrifice, RBI Sacrifice.  Giants 1 – 0.

Bottom 4th, Leadoff Single, Single, RBI Single.  Giants 2 – 0.

Bottom 8th, Leadoff Single, Single, 2 RBI Double, Error, Runner Advances, RBI Single.  Giants 5 – 0 Final.  They lead the Series 3 – 2.

Starting tonight for the Royals is Yordano Ventura (R, 14 – 10, ERA 3.20).  Post Season he is without a decision with an ERA of 4.42 based on 18.1 Innings Pitched with 20 Hits, 3 Home Runs, and 9 Runs scored.

He will be matched for the Giants by Jake Peavy (R, 7 – 13, ERA 3.73) who is also without a Post Season decision with an ERA of 3.68 based on 14.2 Innings Pitched with 12 Hits, 1 Home Run and 6 Runs scored.

It looks like a pick ’em on paper but Peavy was totally outclassed in Game 2 and this is a re-match.  The Royals won 7 – 2.

So we shall see if we extend to tomorrow.

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