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My Docudharma Manifesto

No, I haven’t written my own manifesto.  But my intention at this site, and one which I think it is particularly fitting for this site, can be summed up by Tristan Tzara’s 1918 “Dada Manifesto”, from which I quote:

I’m just curious

Before the opening, before the great flood, I’m wondering about the religious and/or spiritual or faith traditions to which people here would care to claim allegiance. It’s not always straightforward.

For this I will attempt a poll, something I have never done. So it will probably go all wrong. Much like I believe our religions have. Please answer conforming to what you think now; there is plenty of room to elaborate and excoriate in comments. Be as serious or as flippant as you want to be, this time around.

But I’m warning you: the fire next time.

Yes, I know this was a mistake. But I’d like a little snapshot of the group, before it grows up, changes, and moves away. I am nothing if not sentimental.