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This is not a rant because I haven’t got enough energy for that.  I’m working from a state of exhaustion, which is the genesis of the title.

 photo IMG_0040_zps84f07477.jpg photo IMG_0036_zpsef6fedf4.jpgOver Thanksgiving Debbie and I drove over 1000 miles to North Carolina and back to visit my daughter and her husband and their two children (Rachel (to the left), who is 2 and mighty large for her age, and Zack (to the right, with his father), who just turned two months old).  I’ll sprinkle some photos taken during the visit in during my screed…which was generated by commentary left in a recent diary posted at Voices on the Square and Tuesday evening’s diary at Daily Kos.

Upon arriving back home, I was faced with the last week of classes before Finals Week.  So on Wednesday I gave exams in all of my classes, which I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday grading so that I could return them today.  It turned out that I was able to avoid the all-nighter that was a distinct possibility, but the stress generated still made for less than restful sleep.

That’s a major reason why I do not have something different prepared for this evening.

 photo IMG_0043_zpsfdfece41.jpg

Zack, with his paternal grandfather