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What billmon said, and more

Bernhard at MoonofAlabama remains a continual flow of common sense with respect to US foreign policy, strangely similar to Herr Daniel Larison, in some ways.  I really don’t care about their conservative or liberal affiliations and credentials.  They both sound right to me on most occasions.

Apparent jackass, Laura Rozen had this to say of MoA’s analysis of Syria:    

Laura Rozen ?@lrozen

look moon you wld like nothing better than russia & iran & china architects of global order. “@MoonofA:

To which billmon sed:

billmon ?@billmon1

@MoonofA @lrozen Scratch a “liberal” interventionist, find Joe McCarthy hiding underneath.

Sure enough.  I’m still looking at you, driftglass, even tho’ you disavowed intervention in Syria, I am still looking at you.  And booman, yeppers.  I’m looking at you both with one eye.  

You are the people for whom the term, “cruise missile liberals,” was invented.  You and John Kerry…and the Muslim Kenyan Usurper Hawaiian Devil Baby, Barack Obama.

Instead I’d suggest trying Living in Truth:

Vaclav Havel: Living in Truth:

(The power of living in truth) does not reside in the strength of definable political or social groups, but chiefly in a potential, which is hidden throughout the whole of society, including the official power structures of that society. Therefore this power does not rely on soldiers of its own, but on soldiers of the enemy as it were-that is to say, on everyone who is living within the lie and who may be struck at any moment (in theory, at least) by the force of truth (or who, out of an instinctive desire to protect their position, may at least adapt to that force). It is a bacteriological weapon, so to speak, utilized when conditions are ripe by a single civilian to disarm an entire division…. This, too, is why the regime prosecutes, almost as a reflex action, preventatively, even modest attempts to live in truth (p.23).

forgive me for not providing links.  I’m very, prohibitively tired and time-constrained, wishing you all the best.

What billmon said


On one side: Same small group of elite morons who led us into Iraq. On the other side: Everybody else. Obama: “Boy, that’s a tough one.”

I honestly think there’s a fair chance that Obama will be the last custodian of this sewage plant.