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Mitt Romney: What Is He Hiding?

Mitt Romney has not released a single year of his full taxes. We want to know what is he hiding, join us in demanding he release his full tax returns at www.whatishehiding.com.

He has released part of his 2010 returns but omitted to release the IRS documents on his vast cash hoards sitting in offshore accounts.

According to reporting by the Huffington Post,

Tax experts say it is almost certain that Romney did file the form, known as a Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or “FBAR” in accountant slang. The penalty for not filing an FBAR can be severe, and the IRS would have expected to receive the form since Romney listed the Swiss bank account on his tax return. Listing the account on his tax return and then failing to file the subsequent FBAR would have been asking for a hefty fine, and would probably have heightened IRS scrutiny of prior tax filings.

Nevertheless, Romney’s omission of the form from the earlier disclosure raises questions for tax policy experts about the function of his Swiss bank account, and whether or not Romney used other offshore bank accounts that did not generate interest.

“The campaign has never told us why he had a Swiss bank account,” said Rebecca Wilkins, senior counsel for federal tax policy at Citizens for Tax Justice, a nonprofit tax reform group. “It just looks bad.”

For individuals seeking to game the U.S. tax code, Swiss bank accounts are only useful when used illegally. Swiss accounts are prized by global elites for their extreme levels of secrecy. That secrecy has allowed thousands of American taxpayers to stash income from offshore companies in a Swiss account, shielding it from the IRS.

The question is What Is He Hiding?

Please take a minute and add your voice to the growing call for Mitt Romney to release his full tax returns and reveal to the American people what he has been hiding, go to www.whatishehiding.com.