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What We Now Know

Now We Know: The behind-the-scenes lobby against the Affordable Care Act

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Up host Chris Hayes wraps up the news of the week, including reports that the trade organization AHIP, representing America’s health insurance companies, spent more than $100 million in efforts to defeat the Affordable Care Act. He is joined by Jammila Bey, Voice of Russia Radio; Lawrence Lessig, professor at Harvard Law School; Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!; and David Weigel, political commentator at Slate.com.

Open Thread: What You Should Know

You Should Know: Two US attorneys assigned to investigate leaks

Up host Chris Hayes has the updates on what you should know for the week to come, including news that Attorney General Eric Holder has assigned two US attorneys to look into the leaks of classified information on President Obama’s “kill list.” Joining Chris on the panel are Frank Bruni (@FrankBruni), columnist for The New York Times; Jamila Bey (@jbey), reporter for Voice of Russia Radio; Natalie Foster, (@nataliefoster), CEO and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream; John Nichols (@NicholsUprising), editor of the “Capital Times” in Madison, Wisconsin

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Open Thread: What We Now Know

Now We Know: Facebook ranks as worst-performing IPO of the decade

Up host Chris Hayes outlines what we know now that we didn’t know last week, including Facebook’s public debut that failed to live up to expectations.

Chris’ guests on his Saturday show were: Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of (@democracynow); Karen Hunter (@karenhunter), MSNBC contributor and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.; Joe Weisenthal (@thestalwart), deputy editor at Business Insider; Marcellus Andrews, Columbia University professor of economics.

His other guests in earlier segments, which are available at Up with Chris Hayes website, were: Dan Dicker (@dan_dicker), CNBC contributor and licensed commodities trade advisor; Dana Goldstein (@danagoldstein), contributor to The Nation and fellow at the New America Foundation; and Pedro Noguera (@pedroanoguera), NYU professor of education and author of City Schools and the American Dream: Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education.

Open Thread: What We Now Know

Now We Know: Sen. Brown’s daughter benefits from insurance extension

Up host Chris Hayes summarizes the week of news after Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown was called out for including his 23-year-old daughter on his health insurance – a provision made possible through the “Affordable Care Act” that Brown nearly derailed.

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Open Thread

Open Thread: What You Should Know

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hosts Up with Chris on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Chris focuses on “politics including the day’s top headlines, newsmaker interviews, and panels of pundits, politicos and voices from outside the mainstream.” At the end of each show Chris and the panel guests share what they have learned and what we should know. Below is the segment from April 1.

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Remembering Japan

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A Peaceful Journey To The Other Side

Japan Finds Story of Hope in Undertaker Who Offered Calm Amid Disaster

KAMAISHI, Japan – Amid the grief of finding her mother’s body at a makeshift morgue in this tsunami-ravaged city last March, Fumie Arai took comfort in a small but surprising discovery. Unlike the rest of the muddied body, her mother’s face had been carefully wiped clean.

Mrs. Arai did not know at the time, but the act was the work of a retired undertaker well-versed in the ancient Buddhist rituals of preparing the dead for cremation and burial. The undertaker, Atsushi Chiba, a father of five who cared for almost 1,000 bodies in Kamaishi, has now become an unlikely hero in a community trying to heal its wounds a year after the massive earthquake and tsunami that ravaged much of Japan’s northeastern coast a year ago Sunday.

“I dreaded finding my mother’s body, lying alone on the cold ground among strangers,” Mrs. Arai, 36, said. “When I saw her peaceful, clean face, I knew someone had taken care of her until I arrived. That saved me.”

An small act of kindness in the midst of chaos. Blessed Be

The Wheel Turns

Open Thread: What You Should Know

You Should Know: Lawmakers Who Can’t Say ‘Transvaginal’

In a rundown of the news stories “You Should Know”, Chris Hayes argues that the lawmakers who can’t bring themselves to say the word “transvaginal” out loud “shouldn’t be legislating vaginas at all.”

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