Tag: 5-min verse

End games

So many end-games to play, so little time.

Fat sperm whales, become hummingbirds!

We’ll get you more oil (at certain costs), but use it

wiser!  Obama’s economic disasters advisors

suggest a strike on Iran a payroll tax cut

while the economy strengthens…wait…whut?

That whole Peak Oil myth is like the myth

Of Sisyphus, sez Obama’s Citi’s Orszag.

Guns ‘n’ Butter.  Think, man, think!  Thinker,

Thunker!  Drinker, drunker!  Finker…Funker!

Yes, that’s it!  Spy on your neighbors!

The Mooslim hordes, the crazy Joos, of course,

Department of Homeland Security?  Hello?

I tink I taw a puddy-tat!  Woof.