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Chanukah Song Part 4

Chanukah stars tonight at sundown. So here is Adam Sandler’s latest version of his Chanukak Song.

Secret Ingredient

Wrote this a year or so ago and thought I’d share it here, as there ought to be at least one Chanukah essay!

Prose poem, title is “Secret Ingredient”

Chanukah began at sundown on the winter solstice this year, December 21.  It’s a story of great loss and great faith.

Chanukah memories: We all shine on.

Oh, John.  

Chanukah: first memory

This isn’t my earliest Chanukah memory, but it’s always the first that comes to mind.

In the house I grew up in, where my parents still live, the dining room was originally a narrow room barely larger than the rectangular table (seats eight, if you squish up). What saved us from growing up claustrophobic were the identically-sized kitchen, separated from the dining room by a narrow counter (not quite an island. An islet, perhaps. Or a sandbar) and a bay window.

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Happy Chanukah, Docudharma!

The Jewish festival of Chanukah begins this evening at sundown and lasts for 8 days.  It is not a major religious holiday.  But because it falls near Christmas, it’s often looked at as the “Jewish Christmas”, which it isn’t.  In fact, gift giving, traditionally, was not a part of the holiday, though it is now.

Join me across the border for the historical basis of the holiday, a holiday recipe and the “rules” for playing dreidel.