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The winningest coach in college football history

Penn State’s self-inflicted disgrace is multiplying by the hour.  Anally raping 10-year olds in the locker room shower is horrifying beyond its mere criminal dimensions.  Sandusky deviously procured his child victims through his very own “charitable foundation for at-risk youths.”  Now we hear as yet unsubstantiated rumors that children may have been fetched and pimped out for some big money donors.   In any case, the cover-up by Paterno and scads and scads of other well-paid stewards of high stakes college football higher learning is likewise disturbing beyond any criminality that may obtain, and yet Paterno, who thanks to the long-delayed revelations is now the “winningest” coach in college football, is indignant at his treatment by the University.  

Almost unbelievably, Penn students rioted upon hearing news of Paterno’s firing by the Board of Trustees, thus issuing an unequivocal statement about their own deranged values as the nation’s next generation of leaders, intellectuals, role models, well-paid administrators.  The older, wiser, more politically astute Board of Trustees issued a not-so-carefully-worded statement indicating that they fired the university president Spanier and Paterno “in the best interests of the university.”  “In the best interests of university,” they repeated.  Yes, they emphasized their own afflicted motives as emotionless, conflicted agents eyeing the bottom line.  This is what it means to be a “winner,” Deacon.

This is our society in a nutshell, rotten through and through.  Based on these events, the entire football program at Penn State should be shut down indefinitely, as its particular incentives quite evidently disorder normal thinking and disrupt acceptable behavior across the entire swath of society it intersects.

“In the best interests of the university,” Penn State needs a l-o-o-o-ng time-out, while somebody draws some chalk on the board.