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2012: There is Only One Cure

There are many elements of change.

This is a tough one for the Oligarchs. Really. I can’t imagine their contingency plans, and all their think tanks could have come up with this. They expected the riots of 66 and 68, or perhaps they envisioned a charismatic leader who they could discredit. Or assassinate.

Leaderless. Peaceful. Powerful. Old. Young. Right wing. Left wing. Centrists. Black. Latino. White. Asian. Straight. Gay. Military. Anti-war. Blue collar. White collar.

Most of all? Numerous. Really fucking numerous.

And this, my dears, is the tip of the iceburg.

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Determined. Even as the sun sets, and whispers of the police donning their riot gear and approaching. Determined.

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And as the wee hours approached, more tear gas, more brutality. Badges hidden by tape, the men abusing us wanting to be anonymous villains in the night.