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Thom Hartmann’s Worst Show EVAH

Crossposted at Firedoglake.com and ThomHartmann.com

I had the misfortune of listening to a podcast of Thom Hartmann’s show on Friday, October 21 ’11.  I was afraid from the title (“Obama’s announcement of Iraq troop draw down”) that it would be a sickening gushfest over the Sellout-in-Chief’s latest political maneuvering, but was astonished at the sheer depths to which Hartmann has fallen in his attempts to bolster this tool of the banksters and war criminals.

I’ve listened to the show for 6 years now.  Thom was once the one I could always count on for honest reporting and commentary.   He would fearlessly tell the truth, regardless of whose ox was being gored, and let the chips fall where they would.  Since his move to Washington from Portland, though, I’ve noticed a steady slide into shameless partisanship and lesser-of-two-evilism.  I’ve written several pieces trying to get Thom to tell why he would so readily support O’Bushma at the expense of We the People and the truth, but he has not responded; instead, he keeps repeating the same mindless drivel about the Supreme Court, the healthcare-“reform” scam, and other meritless foolishness.

I am going to go over the second hour of this particular show and point out the many ways that Thom has sold out, and now just seems to be a tool of the Blue Shit branch of the Democratic Party.