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driftglass owes Dick Cheney an apology: updated

I’m getting more than a little irritated at the lack of principles shown by so-called liberals since Mr. Peace Prize took office.  The latest offensive behavior is either praising and defending Obama’s “targeted assassinations” (well, one “targeted” and the other, uh, “un-targeted”), or not even addressing the subject, pretending it doesn’t even exist, as if they wouldn’t have been boiling with rage if Dick Cheney had otherwise whacked, rubbed out, iced, bumped off, slaughtered or shipped an American without due process, based purely on the President’s slanderous say so.  I actually learned the acronymn IOKIYAR (it’s okay [to do something heinous] if you are Republican) from Democrats.  Irony won’t die an easy death, will it?

But it sure looks like Team Obama dusted Awlaki.  Blew him away.  Murdered him.

Sadly, one of my favorite bloggers has weighed in with the “We killed Dillinger” defense.

Or, as we would describe it today, the United States government has assassinated a US citizen without due process.

– snip –

This fantasy that the United States government has never killed a bad guy who was a US citizen “without due process” is very strange.

This is such a collapse of moral reasoning on several counts.  My initial response was:

this is an odious comparison. Dillinger had long, long record; charges, convictions, jail-time; due process! he was charged with murder; he was armed and in flight when he was killed; some sources say he pulled his gun.

In contrast, all we have is friggin’ hearsay against awlaki. The White House still refuses to provide any evidence; they refused him representation by legal counsel.

Like, I said. Odious.

So many liberals owe Dick Cheney apologies these days.

Even if Dillinger were gunned down in cold blood, should we use such historical precedents to, say, bring back slavery?  Prolly not.

In addition, I’m pretty sure driftglass knows something about the perils of

The Unitary Executive Demigodhood, once thought of as a sprawling cancerous blot on the normal functioning of checks and balances of a non-financial variety.

Sick of it, Liberals.  Act your age.