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Keith Ablow is a Jerk…and a Bigot

You’ve probably heard by now that Keith Ablow wrote an op-ed (link, if you really need to read it) that has warned folks not to watch Dancing with the Stars this season as long as Chaz Bono is still competing…ostensibly because the simple act of seeing a transman dance is going to turn the nation’s children transgender.  Ablow, who uses air quotes around the word transsexual has managed in that op-ed and in subsequent public appearances on television and radio to slandered all transsexual people everywhere, has likened seeking gender reassignment to wanting to have ones arms cut off or being changed into a farm animal.


If you are inhabiting a male body and you believe yourself to be female you are essentially delusional.

I’m not going to have my kids watch a show in which people pretend to be farm animals.

–Keith Ablow

Is someone going to pull this guy’s license to practice…or what?

In order to treat a transperson, he would “team up with a spiritual counselor, if that seemed indicated.”  I can only beg that he never accept any gender dysphoric patient.  Ever.