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The death penalty for flirting (aka gay panic)

Let’s go back to February 12, 2008.  Brandon McInerney (14) decided to take his father’s .22 to E. O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard that day.  In his first period class in the computer lab, he sat behind Larry King.  He pulled the trigger and shot Larry King in the back of the head.

This got the attention of the entire class and the teacher.  With everyone watching, he shot Larry King in the head again.

McInerney has been described as being “popular and athletic”.  King was small, shy, half-black and effeminate.

King (15) wore high heeled boots and make-up to school, was completely open about his homosexuality and believed that the way to deal with his tormentors was to flirt with them.

One student testified that McInerney had told a group of students, “Say goodbye to your friend Larry because you won’t see him after tomorrow.”