Tag: Peterson usurps FDR’s name

Do you remember these three women?

Colleen Rowley, Sherron Watkins and Cynthia Cooper?  They were named Persons of the Year by Time and on their cover in I think 2002 – that was when whistleblowers (Enron) were honored by the press.  

An interesting argument going on in left blogosphere now tweaked that memory.  Yves Smith – of Naked Capitalism, wrote a call-out article on her blog on how Peter Peterson has usurped FDR’s name by “bribing” the people at Roosevelt Institute to take part in one of Peterson’s open hunts on SS/Medicare.  Ms. Smith is an economist, so has all of the requisite bells and whistles.  Of course, it met with pushback from some of the other supposedly liberal think tanks she mentions in her original article.  This am Yves hits back with a terrific essay at FDL – I am on my way out but hope some of you will read Yves original essay and this follow up.

And the reason I thought of these three women is because Yves mentions Elizabeth Warren and gives her great credit for sticking it out in the face of the consistent belittlement and marginalization by the admin (one might even say boredom by all those adults in the WH).  You know the only ones in the room – the rest of us being unruly children.

This one may have legs.