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TAMU anti-sex conservative group prompts move of transgender conference

The Third Annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit was scheduled to be held at Texas A&M in August, but a conservative group expressed its outrage over the idea…after there was a seminar on Safe and Fun Sex sponsored by the TAMU GLBT Resource Center.

[Sex therapist Cay] Crow taught students in graphic detail ways to enhance fellatio and cunnilingus (i.e. oral sex). She specifically discussed how to put a condom on someone with one’s mouth, deep-throating, G-spot stimulation, tongue piercings, condoms, genital shaving, and changing the temperature of one’s mouth.


Their response?

Texas A&M should not be using taxpayers’, students’, and donors’ money to teach unchaste sexual behavior to young, unmarried men and women.  What does the university administration have to say about this funding inequality and bias?

–Justin Pulliam, chairman of the Texas Aggie Conservatives