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I don’t like being lectured by well dressed, well coiffed people

slouching imperiously around a table – telling me that Medicare is unrealistic in its present form.  You know what else is unrealistic – being lectured by a man and woman whose weekly clothing allowance and haircare allowance cost more in two weeks than what I pay in a year at the thrift store for my own clothing. (I’ve taken to cutting my own hair in between 2 month visits to a hairdresser.)  One would think Mika would consider her own father – but wait – he had a government job, so he’s probably covered in his healthcare and Joe, of course, was a congressperson so he’s not sweating healthcare.  As well, Joe makes a decent salary slouching at the table issuing wisdom to the stupid consumers (once called citizens) out here who depend on Medicare both for themselves and their parents.  

And the tut tutting about the Paul Ryan Plan – Don’t we get that it’s just an opening gambit!  Poor Paul.  Btw, great blog out there “Paul Ryan is Pretty” – check it out.  Do I have the stones to go downstairs and watch Paul.  I’d better I guess if I’m writing this essay.

Not yet – but a love fest, two of them as a matter of fact.  One for Kissinger and another ten minutes of love extended to Netanyahu.  My favorite:  Mike saying that since N lived in America he understands America.  “This country is about fairness.” This after the Medicare conversation.  Mike who used to have a working class kind of aura now is fully a member of the Village.  And we see footage of the Congress standing up and giving N a big love applause moment.  Do they think O won’t walk back on what he said re Israel —

they get it.

Let’s see if Paul (I paid my way thru college with SS payment) Ryan is on yet —  Yes – but I couldn’t watch all of it.  His take: Dems are demagogues on this issue.  And he repeats at least three times – it won’t affect people over 55.  It will keep the program strong.  Yeah, I’m willing to throw my son under the bus – why not?  Of course, it will affect all of us all the time.  Also: This isn’t a voucher program.  It will give us choices to find the best value.  It’s giving us options and will keep it solvent for people like Paul.  Will Paul rely on Medicare?  That’s good news – you mean the congresspersons will rely on Medicare now?  I have to research this.  He also mentioned that the Tea Party candidate was a problem for the Republican.  And who encouraged the Tea Partiers the last year or so?  It’s called coming home to roost.  

I live across the way from a hospital so everyday I see several old people getting off the bus or out of cars (with or without their children or younger friends or relatives) and with their walkers and arthritic hands and feet take l5 minutes to walk about ten yards to the doors of the hospital.  None of them – none – have a clipboard thereby making it easier to check out if this hospital has the best plan for them.  And it’s not like they don’t have the time as it takes them so damn long to walk.  So – what’s to say about them except they are ungrateful and “entitled.”  

Even when it looked like the Democratic woman would win that NY Republican district last night, Stenny Hoyer said it’s all on table (now when the Republicans are on the mat – hey it’s a rough game).  Plus O is not trustworthy on SS and Medicare.  He plans to have a Board overseeing Medicare – who will be on the Board I wonder?

I took my mom to all doctors’ visits, hospitals and for the last few days, nursing homes.  How could she have accomplished this on her own, or with some stranger?  Who would have been her advocate?  Well, it looks like the answer for some who may not have a daughter with functioning grey cells – Paul Ryan.