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Rep. Cooper: Elizabeth Warren Met With “Rudeness and Disrespect” at Oversight Committee

Transcript below the fold.

(ActBlue Update) Warren’s Outrageous Treatment at Oversight Subcommittee

Goal ThermometerUPDATE: Wow. That was fast. The Chairman’s facebook page been taken over by requests for an apology, his wikipedia page has a new entry in his long (seriously long) list of controversies, and there is already an ActBlue page setup to defeat him.

We at Main Street Insider are providing this ActBlue information, not because we are endorsing anyone in any race, we are not, but because we believe it to be relevant information to this story.

UPDATE II: Congressman John Yarmuth’s office has posted a clip of his comments on the tone of today’s hearing. Video embedded at the bottom of this post, definitely worth watching.

UPDATE: We reached out to the press team in Chairman McHenry’s office. We were not able to reach someone immediately. We await their reply and, should we get one, will share it unedited with you.

Well, that was… ummm… interesting. Not sure I’ve ever seen a hearing end quite like this one did. Chairman McHenry basically ended the meeting by accusing Elizabeth Warren of outright lying. This is representative of the treatment she received throughout the hearing.

Transcript below the fold…