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Medicare Fiddling is a real problem!

I had a telephone conversation with my broker re income tax.  I had to stop looking for certain cost bases when I went back thru the years and saw how much money I’ve lost when I began to get chest pains.

Okay – not of any real interest – but it helps me to say it!

Now this guy is an independent who thinks of SS as a Ponzi scheme.  Depending on my mood – I’ll spar but sometimes it’s not worth it.  He is not from a wealthy family but they are comfortable and have a family trust.  He’s not worried about his parents’ income.

Aye, but here’s the rub.  He’s worried about Medicare and about the voucher system.  “Who do you think will have to take care of my parents?” he asks plaintively.  Okay, he’s an independent – a nice young man but not in any sense of the word a liberal/progressive.  So he wouldn’t care if SS hit the dust but he can foresee thousands of dollars out of his parents trust (which would eventually be his! or not!) and maybe come to a point where he would have to cough up some money.  And “some” is not the operative word here.

This is why I think the Paul Ryan grandstanding is a scam
.  Multiply my broker who is in his 30s by thousands.  That’s money that would be coming to them – but whoa, now it’s going to the insurance industry.  (let’s put aside parental love – loss of money is a scary thing in a capitalist system, muchless a rigged one like here.)

I’ve said this before Obama and Ryan may come up with privatization – of course, this is after he is elected.  Or give a further shake to the Catfood Commission made up of billionaires, neoliberals and crazy old men.  But some younger people are noting Ryan’s plan and while they do not scour the blogs as we do (hence my chest pains) – some of them are pretty saavy. And they don’t want their parents’ money p***ed away to insurance companies.

It’s not an value-based thing – it’s a pragmatic thing.  Like the president!  

I await the unfolding of this theme – pass the aspirin!

I saw a comment on Talk Left this morning about how “we handed the Democratic Party over to Obama.” I never considered it in that light. It made me weep.  Well that and the chest pains!