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Rats Approved as Service Animals Amid Protest from Tea Party and Feds.

Danni Moore requested the city council of Hesperia, California to pass an ordinance allowing two rats that sit on her shoulders to help control seizures become service animals.  The city council approved such an ordinance on March 15. Ms. Moore can now bring her rats into public buildings and businesses. Ms Moore’s rats are a breed of domestically trained rats, not the dirty hippie rats found in sewers and allegedly in the homes of liberal activists.  

However, the federal government tightened its definition of what a service animal is according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The new classification only sanctions dogs and miniature horses.  It more clearly defined a law from 1990.   Thru the years many other animals were given status.  This new regulation will have an impact on the entire country, save for the town of Hesperia when city council voted 4-1 allowing any species of animal with a doctor’s certificate.

The dissenting voter, a former mayor Bill Holland opposed the measure.  He enlisted the help of The Tea Party to campaign against it. And they have done so – hence the new and stricter rules. The Tea Party that opposes government in Americans lives?  – Why yes, that Tea Party!  

I understand tiny teeny rifles will soon be issued to said rats in the hopes that the National Rifle Association will not weigh in.   These domestic rats are generally regarded as intelligent.  Surely the Tea Party understands that these rats have a right to such arms, in Hesperia at least.  Though pharm labs that continue to torture rats and whatever animals they can get their hands on seem to be nervous about the tiny teeny rifles.  Tiny teeny bullets can certainly cause damage.  But as we all know tiny teeny bullets do not kill people; domesticated rats do.