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How to build a storage bench

Suggested tools: biscuit joiner, router, drill, table saw, saber saw, wood glue, framer’s square, large wood clamps, trim router, chisel.

1. Go to Lumber Yard

2. Buy Wood – pick up some 5/4″ x 12″ stock, about 36 board feet for the base and 12 board feet for the top.  And another 12 board feet for the bottom. Pick them up in 12 or 6 foot lengths.  Clear White Pine works very well and is available most anywhere.  If you don’t have a board planer at home make sure to get finished wood otherwise you can get rough cut and plane them down yourself.

3. Buy 4 wheels for the base, I prefer the spherical rubber wheels. Buy some piano hinge for the top and some handles for the side.