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Wingnut incoherence

They don’t call it “America’s Shittiest Website” for nothing.


Charles Krauthammer (who is a dead ringer for Wile E. Coyote, amirite?) shot himself in the foot the other day by criticizing CPAC, where Dick Cheney just awarded Don Rumsfeld the “Defender of the Constitution” award, as a conservative “weird fringe group…not Twilight Zone fringe. It’s more off shore, you know floating on a raft out there in the Gulf of Mexico.”  He is still waiting for his slower-than-usual nerve conduction to signal the grave owie in his brain.  There appears to be a concerted effort by some conservatives to distant themselves from Tea Baggers, lest they influence Presidential nominations.  

Pardon me for wasting everyone’s time by remarking that conservatives are dummies, but since I’m on the subject, I can’t help noticing that the geniuses at Red State think that Planned Parenthood is engaged in teenage sex trafficking.  Maybe they’re still star-bursting over the wild successes of Levi and Bristol.

Finally, I know John Cole has turned over a new leaf since the interminable Iraq war began, and I thank him for that, but am I wrong in getting the willies when I see this kind of nostalgia?  Isn’t that a little too close for comfort?