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A Kindergarten Revolution in Northeast Africa

Juan Cole’s website is apparently assembled by an IRC-era net-bot with simple instructions like “Cole-Bot, get Egypt video!”

“5 Year Old Child Heads Demo in Alexandria Egypt!”

“And the wolf will lie down with the lamb, and a little child shall lead them!” -Isaiah 11:16

So judging from the Juan-Cole-Bot and genius reporters like Christiane Amanpour (“The Muslim Brotherhood only wants to support civilian democracy!”), you might think that Northeast Africa is a democratic paradise, except where the USA is propping up a demon like Hosni Mubarak!

So let’s take a little tour of the other prosperous, peaceful, and democratic regimes of that blessed region!

Northeast Africa

Immediately to the south we find ourselves in the Republic of the Sudan, which virtually nobody calls a “client-state” of the USA, and yet somehow even without the intervention of the Great Satan, those highly independent Muslims have managed to kill a few hundred thousand of their fellow citizens, and then a few hundred thousand more, and then..

Likewise neighboring Libya subscribes to the democratic principle of “one man, one vote,” except that the “one man” is Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, and his “one vote” is the only vote that counts.

And yet again, although nobody calls Libya a “client-state” of the USA, it isn’t easy to discover anything that most of us would recognize as “democracy.”

Rounding out the top right-hand corner of Africa we arrive at the Republic of Chad, where civil war raged for no less than 30 years between independence in 1960 and the ascension of General Idriss Déby around 1990, and General Déby still rules that unfortunate country 21 years later, and continually justifies his ranking as the 15th worst dictator in the world!

And once again, even without American support, Chad has somehow evolved into one of the most corrupt and un-free countries on the face of the earth!

But Egypt would have naturally developed into blissful democracy, except for the Great Satan’s puppet, Hosni Mubarak!

And a little child shall lead them!