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Fifty Questions on 9/11, by Pepe Escobar

It’s September 11 all over again – eight years on. The George W Bush administration is out. The “global war on terror” is still on, renamed “overseas contingency operations” by the Barack Obama administration. Obama’s “new strategy” – a war escalation – is in play in AfPak. Osama bin Laden may be dead or not. “Al-Qaeda” remains a catch-all ghost entity. September 11 – the neo-cons’ “new Pearl Harbor” – remains the darkest jigsaw puzzle of the young 21st century.

It’s useless to expect US corporate media and the ruling elites’ political operatives to call for a true, in-depth investigation into the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. Whitewash has been the norm. But even establishment highlight Dr Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski, a former national security advisor, has admitted to the US Senate that the post-9/11 “war on terror” is a “mythical historical narrative”.

The following questions, some multi-part – and most totally ignored by the 9/11 Commission – are just the tip of the immense 9/11 iceberg. A hat tip goes to the indefatigable work of 911truth.org; whatreallyhappened.com; architects and engineers for 9/11 truth; the Italian documentary Zero: an investigation into 9/11; and Asia Times Online readers’ e-mails.

None of these questions has been convincingly answered – according to the official narrative. It’s up to US civil society to keep up the pressure. Eight years after the fact, one fundamental conclusion is imperative. The official narrative edifice of 9/11 is simply not acceptable.

Fifty questions

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Stewart smacks down Sheuer and a call to KO for a “Special Comment”

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The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.

Faux Corporate Partisan Propaganda

     If this was said by a Democrat, Progressive or Liberal, or even an independant or moderate, that person would have been publicly tarred and feathered and then ran out on a rail by Fox News and the rest of the Right Wing leaning corporate media.

     But instead, it was said on Fox News airtime, during the Glenn Beck show, and not a the only major media outlet to say peep about it was John Stewart’s Daily Show.

    Jon Stewart flat out destroyed Beck and Sheuer for this, and I would hope you do the same, Keith Olbermann.

Link here http://www.thedailyshow.com/vi…

Quote John Stewart

    ” Is there any way you can YELL LOUD ENOUGH at your TV for the people inside to hear you, because I tried real hard last night. “

     You heard it here folks, Jon Stewart just gave his full endorsement for YELLING LOUDER!

     Still, this is not enough.

     We need to contact authorities, force pundits and politicians to take a stand on this, and boycott Fox News and their Sponsors.      

     Dear Keith Olbermann, we need a special comment on this, please.

GBCFOX (Updated: Official Sheuer Bullsh!t Faux apology + ACTION!)

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I am fucking stunned as I write this.

At :24 seconds into this video

Scheuer:     ” The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States. “


    Yes. It has come to this.

Obama wants to give nukes to the crooks in the UAE

Tonight I want to point out a story of which very few people are aware.   Surprisingly enough, this is inspired by a piece that is actually on CNN (a network which represents, usually, the very worst of the Corporate/Republican Noise Machine, albiet in a far more insidious and subtle way than Fox).  

The story is here:

Torture video threatens U.S.-UAE nuclear deal

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama on Thursday sent a civil nuclear agreement with the United Arab Emirates to the Senate for ratification, but its passage remains uncertain, thanks to a recently disclosed video.

Senior U.S. officials said lawmakers critical of the deal could use the video, which shows a member of the UAE government’s royal family torturing a man, to argue the United States should not have such nuclear cooperation with a country where the rule of law is not respected and human rights violations are tolerated.

This is putting it oh-so-mildly, and it barely touches the tip of the UAE iceberg.    

Follow the money


President-elect Barack Obama’s adminstration will inherit a $1.2 trillion budget deficit for 2009 according to the forecast by the Congressional Budget Office.

Unfortunately for the United States, despite owning more than $1 trillion of American debt, China has hinted that enough is enough. Rather than continuing to spend “as much as one-seventh of its entire economic output buying foreign debt”, Beijing now plans to pay for its own $600 billion economic stimulus plan.

China’s timing is unfortunate for the American economy, since the federal budget deficit is likely to swell past $2 trillion in 2009 when Congress passes a further economic stimulus measure. The CBO forecast also does not include the ongoing spending for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where is Obama going to find the money to restart the U.S. economy?

OK, I Got A Couple Of Important Thingies Here………..

First off it’s October 6th, and most days bring with them a history of the past, much forgotten quickly and lessons not learned.

Here’s just one for today which I’ll call The bush Families & GOP’s Favorite Terrorist Pal, and no it’s not the one nobody thinks about anymore, especially the little bush:

Before 9/11 – Taliban – al Qaeda

The National Security Archive has just released a Load of Files Electronic Briefing Book No. 253 Posted – August 20, 2008 under the title: 1998 Missile Strikes on Bin Laden May Have Backfired with a subtitle: Extensive 1999 Report on Al-Qaeda Threat Released by U.S. Dept of Energy,

Taliban Told U.S. They Wanted to Bomb Washington

With backlinks to the PDF’s and more links in the sidebar on the left.

Osama bin Laden Captured

By Your Correspondent

WACO, Texas (SNRK News Int’l) – For the second time in a week, an internationally sought-after fugitive has been captured. Osama bin Laden, atop the FBI’s Most Wanted list since 1998, was arrested earlier today in Crawford, Texas, a small town near the city of Waco. Serbian Bosnian Radovan Karadži?, wanted for war crimes in the Bosnian war of 1992-95, was captured Monday in Belgrade.

Bin Laden was whisked away in a convoy of big black SUVs. His whereabouts at this time are unknown. Government sources, who refused to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the press, said the 51-year-old bin Laden has been living under the alias of Sam Benjamin Jr. A quick Googling revealed that, in 2005, Benjamin won the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Waco-Austin Realtor of the Year Award for exceptional sales volume at his company, Alkiyder Homes and Condos.

Nobody at the White House, FBI, CIA, Transportation Security Administration, National Security Administration, Secret Service, Pentagon, Homeland Security,  National Reconnaissance Office, National Counterterrorism Center, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Dick Cheney’s Cabal, Defense Intelligence Agency or Crawford Police Department would speak to your correspondent on the record about the capture. At the State Department, however, a Miss Condoleeza Rice answered the phone and firmly told us, “There was no way we could have known bin Laden would change his name and move to Texas.”

Exactly when bin Laden arrived is as yet unknown. But exclusive interviews with neighbors and co-workers reveal that he moved into his modest Crawford house in October 2002.

“He’s the perfect tenant,” said Amanda Beauregard-Simpson, the owner of the house that the man she knew as Sam rented. “Never late with a payment, always cash. Always polite, too, genuinely friendly. Kind of sad, though. He doesn’t talk much about his family, but I gather they are estranged for some reason. I don’t like to pry, y’know? Who did you say he is again?”

At right, ‘Sam Benjamin Jr.’ at the Alkiyder Homes & Condos Web site  

Bin Laden Really Does Suck

No, this isn’t a right-wing diary.

Does anyone remember what Bin Laden’s original demand was? We don’t negotiate with terrorists, we just give them what they want.

So now we see him railing against cartoons again, and he is implying that many will pay for these cartoons.

Cartoons? I’m an Irish American, and that has ensured that I have heard every Irish joke going. I have not blown up so much as a mail box over any of them. I’m pretty sure I laughed at most of them, or maybe poked someone in the eye, at worst.

The problems he creates with these kind of threats or worse, is that it becomes maddening for reasonable, rational people to hear. It’s red meat for the war pigs, and you can feel the ground tilt as the unthinking, fearful masses start leaning to the right again.

I used to like the sound of a fiddle, but now that so many are being played like one, I am getting really sick of that sound.

The cost of a fucking audio tape. That’s asymmetrical.

If you listen close enough, you can actually hear Bin Laden laughing right now.

Afghanistan defines the Bush Administration

It’s tempting to say that Afghanistan represents the Bush Administration’s supreme failure. I’ve made that claim, in the past. But that presumes that the Bush Administration was, in the the smallest degree, interested in catching the people who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and in keeping this nation safe. Of course, some have done very well, from Bush’s wars. Meanwhile, the collective wisdom of the more than 100 bipartisan foreign-policy experts consulted by Foreign Policy and the Center for American Progress to form The Terrorism Index led to this summary:

The world these experts see today is one that continues to grow more threatening. Fully 91 percent say the world is becoming more dangerous for Americans and the United States, up 10 percentage points since February. Eighty-four percent do not believe the United States is winning the war on terror, an increase of 9 percentage points from six months ago. More than 80 percent expect a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 within a decade, a result that is more or less unchanged from one year ago.

But, of course, if the Bush Administration actually gave a damn about national security, and catching the terrorists who attacked us, they’d have done something about it. Instead, their incompetence allowed Osama bin Laden to get away, when he could have been caught or killed, at the battle of Tora Bora. They disastrously shifted their focus from those who had attacked us to those who never had, and because of that, the Taliban are growing stronger both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while Al Qaeda has also regrouped and grown stronger in both countries. In fact, both countries are having to negotiate with the Taliban, and bin Laden, himself, is even now well-positioned to launch another attack.

If this war actually was about justice and security, rather than profits, it would be correctly seen as the signature failure of the singularly disastrous administration. Bush is destroying the Constitution and violating international law, not to mention the basic laws of humanity and morality, but he has not made America safer, and he has not caught the people who committed the worst ever act of terrorism on American soil. It would be surreal, were it not so damnable.  

BBC Edits David Frost’s Interview of Bhutto

I received an e-mail this morning from The Existentialist Cowboy about an interview Benazir Bhutto gave to David Frost of the BBC’s “Frost Over The World!”

BBC’ Bhutto Interview.

At 5:01 of this video Bhutto tries to express the names of three individuals whom might be responsible for her attempted assassination in October ’07.  However, the camera leaves her for David Frost and cuts out her remaining two suspects, leaving the interview itself completely indiscernible.  Why would the BBC edit out this VERY important piece of information?

Here is the complete interview and at 6:13, you can hear her full list-the uncut version….

Did you hear that?  “Omar Sheikh the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden”

Wikipedia says this:

November 2007

In an interview with political interviewer David Frost, taken on November 2, 2007, the recently assassinated Pakistani politician, and Pakistan People’s Party chairwoman, Benazir Bhutto, claimed that Bin Laden had been murdered by Omar Sheikh. During her answer to a question pertaining to the identities of those who had previously attempted her own assassination, Bhutto named Sheikh as a possible suspect while referring to him as “the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.” Despite the weight of such a statement, neither Bhutto nor Frost attempted to clarify it and no other mainstream media appears to have further inquired about it.

Why not?  Where’s the outrage?  Shouldn’t we celebrate the fact that this man who purportedly was responsible for 9/11 is now gone?

Oh I have so many questions…if OBL is dead, then there is quite remarkably, complete silence from the MSM…Is this the reason why Bush closed up shop at the CIA’s OBL Station in 2005?

Is this the reason Bhutto was assassinated, because she knew too much and the powers that be needed her out of the way?

Len Hart of the Existentialist Cowboy writes;

Bhutto herself has exposed the fraudulent nature of the Bush/Blair “war on terrorism”. If Bin Laden is dead, as has been reported, then the various tapes that he is alleged to have made are all phony. The war on terrorism itself is a callous, calculated fraud perpetrated by a murderous Bush regime, a murderous Blair regime, a murderous puppet regime of Musharraf.

That’s why Bhutto was assassinated. She was the woman who knew too much. Bhutto exposed the fact that US policies cause terrorism and she stated the various ways in which groups inside the US and Britain benefited politically and materially from the phony war on phony terrorism, the failed war in Afghanistan, the war crime that is still perpetrated against the people of Iraq. Bhutto posed a threat to the culprits in the Bush regime to include Bush himself. She posed a threat to the kiss ups in Musharraf’s regime to include Musharraf and the liars who tried to float the incredible “lone lever” theory. She was murdered. And the BBC has been caught censoring the most important piece of the puzzle. If Osama is dead, the war on terror is a bloody fraud!

And indeed reactions all over YouTube are quite the same….

May Benazir Bhutto rest in peace, and may peace prevail!

Are Pakistani Troops Defecting?

Today brings another report of the capture of 50 Pakistani troops in Waziristan in the volatile tribal area of northwestern Pakistan. Reports are confusing, fragmentary, and, of course, “official,” so it is hard to determine exactly what is happening.

Some 240 paramilitary troops “captured” on August 30th in the same general area are still missing, though a few bodies from that group have been found, allegedly executed.

What is really going on here? Could it be that, rather than merely surrendering with no or very little resistance, whole units of the Pakistani military are now defecting to Taliban-affiliated tribal militias in Pakistan?

Let’s ponder the question in a little more depth below the break.

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