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The Shabbes Goy

In 2007 after reading essays by DavidSeth and TiaRachel I was prompted to share this little tale my Dad wrote & had published on-line the previous December. The link from his e-mail no longer worked, so I went on a search…tried ‘teh googel’. Imagine my surprise to find page after page of sites with his story. I already had permission from him to do anything I wanted with it, so I thought Pearl Harbor Day & Hanukkah would be the perfect time to share it.

This has become an annual tradition.

My Dad is a Great Guy, his experiences varied and many… in a ‘Big Fish’ kind of way. He served in WWII and later became the fencing coach of Columbia University in the 1940’s-50s and was an early advocate of civil rights in sports (see 1948), eventually retiring to California.