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A Tourist Photo from Takhar Province

Kuchi caravan in Takhar Province, Afghanistan

I cropped and rebalanced this image out of yet another idiotic snapshot from yet another tourist in Afghanistan, white balance set to flourescent with a hideous yellow cast all over these Kuchi nomads, and you might think that out of hundreds of thousands of tourist photos from Afghanistan at least a few would escape the mind-mangling combination of idle curiosity and pitiful “artistic” ambition which defines “tourist photo,” just as you might think that after nine long years of slaughter and corruption, the US occupation of Afghanistan would eventually get something right, even by accident, by the law of averages or the law of large numbers or some other brute-force statistical anomaly, like winning five bets in a row at roulette, but the wheel of Afghanistan is infinite, all the tourist photos are junk, and everything about the US occupation is inevitably fucked up.

Flying Candy in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Flying Candy

Operation Outreach Gardez volunteers toss candy to local children during a recent mission, October 24, 2010. The mission took place outside Forward Operating Base Lightning near a local Kuchi encampment, Gardez District, Paktia Province, Afghanistan. (Photo by U.S. Army Cpt. Kenneth Stewart, 17th Public Affairs Detachment)