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An American Poet from Balkh

Green (small)2

The Green Mosque is almost the only building left standing in ancient Balkh, Mother of Cities.


The most popular poet in America was born here in AD 1207.

Can you make a mirror out of straw and mud?

But sweep away mud and straw

and a mirror may be revealed!

Everything that exists is an empire of delight.

Jesus was delighted by the love of God.

His donkey was delighted by oats.

You entered this world as a nameless star

and now you ask me

“How can I find my way through the night?”

Forget your name

and let the love inside you light up the sky!

Sandstorm and Snooki

Sandstorm in Balkh Province, Afghanistan


A “Tree of Life” Carpet from Mazar-i Sharif

Afghan Tree Of Life
Baluchi “Tree of Life” carpet from Mazar-i Sharif

We were born on the ladder of bone

in the tenth generation of sorrow

Peace was promised again and again

until even grief was broken

on the wheel of the sun

-Ghodi (trans. Jacob Freeze)