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Hot licks

I’ve got a lot to say about Obummer and the Nancy Capitalists, but fuck him, fuck them.  I wanna talk about something else.

One-hit wonder Looking Glass made a fine tune, Brandi.  Here’s some dude that breaks down the hot licks in the intro on the Wurlitzer.  Ya gotta love the way he rolls and pops it.  Imagine that on a Hammond!

There were three indisputably great “prog rock” albums from the Seventies: Yes’s Fragile, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and perhaps a lesser-known, but equally magnificent album from Genesis, Trespass. I’d certainly allow Crimson and The Snow Goose, by Camel. I’ve seen them all live, and Arthur Gilroy is correct, that you want to hear the effort involved in making music.

On Trespass, it was Gabriel on vocals (broke his ankle jumping into the audience), Rutherford (bass), Banks (keyboards), Mayhew (phenomenal and judicious drumming throughout the album, certainly a rival to Phil Collins, Chester Thompson, and, well, what’s-his-name from Yes, who is some freak of Nature’s time signature), And, in particular, check out Anthony Phillips’ lead guitar work. I heard he had stage fright and couldn’t go on. What did you hear?

I think the entire album holds up really well. This album bleeds inspiration. Then again, that’s just nostalgia talking. Here’s The Knife, revolutionary bitchez! Be careful what you wish for!

A Feminist Creation Story

Author’s Note:

This is a loving parody, not to be taken too seriously. I myself identify as Feminist, but I wanted to try my hand at satire. It is Friday, after all. Apologies are due to God, Moses, or whomever compiled the original text of Genesis.