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This mother has her parental shit together.


This rare voice of sanity can see the Necker cube in both ways, without undue or muddled effort.  Flip, flop.  Disambiguate one way, then the other.  Sure, there is resistance in switching between perspectives by the mind, but once you know the trick, just how hard is switching between multi-stable points of view?  Less hard than people proclaim.  In fact, if you can’t disambiguate perception in several directions, then something is unusual about you, because most people can more easily pop their cubes this way or that than they will likely admit.

I am rarely gob-smacked in a good way.  This woman kicks ass.  And yeah, “Daphne” rocked the whole outfit.  I had hoped that (somehow) my Scooby-Doo cartoon-watching days would not leave me utterly mentally deficient.

My nephew, at eight years of age, watches Scoob and Shag, just like I did, in 1969, and I’m not commenting on the value of that media franchise, but Jiminy effing crickets, time flies, and it’s hard enough finding oneself without the undue pressure of expecting the cube to pop this way or that.