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Ruh-oh! Mutiny on the Ship Bipartisanbounty

The continued clusterfvck that is Demerkracktic Campaign 2010 Midterms:


(Democratic Governor of RI candidate) Frank Caprio’s campaign last week said he would welcome the president’s endorsement. But on Monday, the same day Obama was set to make his first visit to Rhode Island as president and a day after the White House said Obama would not endorse anyone, Caprio angrily told WPRO-AM that Obama can “take his endorsement and really shove it. ”

Caprio also accused the president of “treating us like an ATM machine” by coming to Rhode Island to raise money but ignoring it during springtime flooding that swept through the state. Though Obama did not visit himself, he sent Cabinet secretaries, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. …..  Caprio also has publicly contradicted Obama on some important policy positions, such as saying he does not support letting Bush-era tax cuts expire on the wealthiest Americans.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, in Rhode Island for a rally Monday, said he was amused by the conflict. “He’s the Democratic nominee, for goodness’ sakes,” he said. “It’s really insulting, when you think about it.”

Caprio is running against former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, a Republican.  Chafee endorsed Obama for President in 2008.  Chafee’s campaign manager feigned getting the vapors over the remark by rival Caprio in an Oscar nominee quality performance.

“The senator was shocked at how intemperate the remark was, especially with the president due to arrive in Rhode Island later today.”

In 2009, VP Biden and several Cabinet members cancelled a keynote address at the National Mayor’s Convention in Rhode Island, which embarrassed then  Providence Mayor Cicilline.  Now Cicciline is running for Congress in Rhode Island to for retiring Patrick Kennedy’s seat, and this was supposed to be His Big Day.  His campaign manager wisely decided to keep his mouth shut until Air Force One is way out of the state again.

No word yet on which one the President will hug on the campaign trail.

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