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Ecosystem Services, LLC.

“Ecosystem Services” is the brilliant phrase dreamed up by greenies who have bought capitalism hook, line, and sinker and aim to appeal to the biological ignorance of genius accountants and magical entrepreneurs.   The idea is that the oysters that once existed in Chesapeake Bay provided “billions of dollars in water filtration services” before they were wiped off the planet.   As if capitalists cared who moved their cheese.  They constantly move to new cheese, without a second’s thought.  And as if Nature gave a fuck about these impresarios of doom.  She doesn’t.  

Who can put a Price on the Environment?

EcoEconomics in a Nutshell

Our free market economy is nothing more than a huge auction called ‘Supply and Demand’, which – very efficiently – puts a price on on everything.

The problem is that it allows us to sell everything – the last drop of oil, the last tree, the last fish, the last of everything. It’s called growth – but it is, obviously, growth into oblivion – the exact opposite of EcoEconomics. It is a fatal flaw of our present economic system.

Or, as Greenpeace puts it: “When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can’t eat money…”


The eco-economic price for a natural resource is, therefore, the price you would have to pay if our planet were to release that resource only at a sustainable level.

Who can put a Price on the Environment?  … We all should.

Afterall if we end up decimating the planet’s EcoSystems —  trying to sell off their once abundant natural resources — We can’t eat the money … or gold either, can we?