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The Foreign Donor Issue: Remember Dubai Ports World? Xenophobia you can believe in.

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As we all know, the concern trolls are out in force, having the vapors that Democrats dare make an issue of the foreign donor Chamber of Commerce controversy. I have three words for them:

                                                    Dubai Ports World

The Dubai Ports World (“DPW”) controversy erupted in 2006, after revelations that the Dubai entity would manage facilities in 16 major U.S. ports.

The opposition was bipartisan — Sen. Schumer brought it to national attention, but also opposed were parties as disparate as The New York Times, Michael Savage, The John Birch Society and Senators Clinton and Obama. (David Broder must have been orgiastic.)

Well, TP reports that TAIB Bank of Dubai is apparently a $20,000 member of a CoC business council.  Those and other foreign funds contribute to attack ads all over the U.S.  

Dubai should not have control of either our ports or our elections.

The right uses xenophobia constantly, whether it’s immigration, terror or even birtherism.  While it’s not xenophobic to rail against foreign corporate donors trying to steal our elections, it draws on similar powerful sentiments. It also ties into intense anger about outsourcing.

The lead Recommended Diary now says this issue is our October Surprise.  Excellent point (though I thought it would be capturing Osama).  Maybe that, or a peace treaty in Afghanistan or Israel (sure) might still happen.

But the CoC/Foreign Donations issue is a great surprise.

So I urge any Dems reticent about using this issue to

                                                 Remember Dubai Ports World