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Word for the Week: Plangent

Plangent:  adjective; from the Latin plangere (to strike).

Having a loud, reverberating sound; having an expressive and esp. plaintive quality;

Plangently: adverb

mournful, resonant, sorrowful, rueful, dolorous, lugubrious, tearful, careworn, grief-stricken, plunged in grief:

As in:

Dear Vice President Biden,

Really sir!  Do you actually consider us whining out here.  You must really get out of DC more – outside of an occasional visit drumming up votes – we exhort you to do so.

We are sad.  The times, they are ahurtin.  We do not believe anyone in DC is aware of how we are suffering and confused and frankly angry.  And many of us are homeless and hungry.  And the wars!  Don’t get me started.

You might say we are plangently expressing our dismay – not really whining.  These plangent concerns are real.  They are not the concerns of a tired child as you and your cohorts imply.  

By the way, the bankers took my ball so that comment is illusory and perhaps delusive.

Very truly yours,


You may want to try your hand at the word.  Just put it in a political context.  Surely, there is much to be mournful about.