Tag: Teaparty – Dems lost base


Unfortunately, I tuned into Morning Joe this am and heard from everyone on the “panel” exactly what I thought I’d hear after the TeaParty shake-up.

Pat was supressing great excitement.  You could tell it was hard for him not to burst.  Joe mentioned as casually as if asking what the weather would be that now SS was up for cuts.  Harold Ford looked glum; you could tell he was looking for an exit so he could make a further right turn.  Mika wasn’t there but another blonde took her place – hair a little longer.  Mark Helperin – oh, I can’t watch the guy after Greenwald skewered him awhile back.  But he’s on the bandwagon too:  The Republican Party is over – the Dems will win the Senate.  

I’m not in the employ of any MSM outlet; I am somewhat financially challenged; My teeth are good – but not in the category of the women of the MSM; I hate the “wars” we are fighting and what those wars have done to ME people; I live the life out here – not in there.  Hence, I am a “leftie”.

Do I have any insight as to electoral politics?  Do they?  Moving on… These tea party people were given a voice by monied interests – I get that, and that is another diary – but I also get that the Republican Party allowed them a voice unlike the Democratic Party allowing us to the microphone – much less giving us a voice.

I know the reaction of the Democratic Party – even in the midst of all these mouths celebrating a Democratic movement now that the “crazies” have been elected.

They – will – move – to – the – right.

Did you hear me?  They.will.move.to.the.right.

Oh, we’re in for some good times, ladies and gents.  And I wouldn’t be so sure of some of the tea people not getting in office.

But what do I know?  I’m part of the Democratic Party this admin has chosen to ignore.  Ewwww go away – we’ll call you when election day comes.

This is not good – certainly not for us and more importantly, not for the country.